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Mabluna offers a variety of marble design home accessories in severalcolors at competitive prices. We design, create and source products fully crafted from a beautiful quality of marble, offering finished products, with different shape and size depending on what our customer prefers.We have several design of marble with different shades and variation of colors, shades...

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Our popular marble wine cooler makes serving chilled wine                                                                                           easier and more elegant. The natural properties of the marble will keep chilled wine cold.   Our wine cooler is crafted from beautiful high quality marble and is the perfect size for a bottle of wine or champagne, perfect for special occasions. Due to the natural properties of marble the colour and markings will differ between products.   Dimension:  Height 23cm.                     Diameter 12cm.

Wine Cooler.

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Oval Marble Fruit Bowl

Our solid marble fruit bowl is cut, ground and polished entirely by hand, with a shallow curve perfect for holding fresh fruit.

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Mortar and Pestle

A handcrafted mortar and pestle that is made by our skilled carver. This is use to prepare ingredients, by crushing and grinding them into fine paste powder.

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We supply wholesale distribution to companies of home, kitchen, garden accessories, and even marble sculptures!

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